BASE Programs

BASE Programs: Enhance Your English Language Skills for Professional Success

Welcome to our BASE Programs page. Here you can find a range of tailored training courses designed to enhance your English language skills for professional success. Whether you’re looking to improve your accent and intonation, conversation strategies, business English, writing skills, presentation abilities, or grammar mechanics, our experienced ESL teacher Janet is here to guide you toward achieving your goals.

*All courses are customized and can include multiple skill areas to support client’s success.

Business seminar

Accent & Intonation Acquisition

Learn to deliver clear speech with emphasis on intonation, stress, and rhythm. Gain insight and practice native speech patterns for confident English communication. Highlight key ideas, convey expertise, and improve speech clarity.

Remote communication

Conversation Strategies

Master the art of maintaining and expanding conversations to build professional connections. Understand cultural norms, idiomatic expressions, and native phrasing. Enhance vocabulary, improve listening skills, and engage in positive interactions.

Laptop communication

Business English

Customized one-on-one program for job-related communication skills. Overcome cross-cultural barriers, refine expressions for meetings, negotiations, and executive interactions. Boost professional network and practice interview skills.

Writing on notepad

Writing & Co-Editing

Refine workplace writing skills for emails, documents, presentations, and more. Receive guidance on composing, revising, and polishing written content. Improve job performance reviews, resumes, and applications.

English presentation

Presenting in English

Polish presentation delivery skills for team and executive-level settings. Improve clarity, organization, and confidence. Manage audience interactions, handle interruptions, and ensure impactful takeaways.

Grammar school

Grammar Mechanics & Usage

Strengthen grammar command with individualized assessment. Refresh and refine understanding of standard grammar conventions. Improve overall language proficiency through focused grammar training.