Global Businesses Demand Superior Communication Skills.

Whether over the phone, via video conferencing, or face-to-face, professionals need to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively. BASE Communication delivers one-on-one English Language training for international professionals and individuals who wish to reduce non-native accents, expand the scope and complexity of their expression, and improve their command of American English. Custom-tailored programs help clients build connections and achieve specific, work-related communication competencies for increased job opportunities and greater career success.

BASE Communication Programs—English Classes Targeted to Meet Your Goals

All programs are customized and can include multiple skill areas to ensure client’s success.

BASE Programs Offer:

  • Custom-tailored training that helps build skills that allow you to express yourself with confidence and present yourself to your best advantage.
  • Comprehensive English language classes targeted to improve job performance and increase potential for professional advancement.
  • Accent reduction classes focused on adopting the native speech habits and patterns that make English easier to understand.
  • Practical and relevant instruction that helps participants adapt their communication style to American cultural norms for enhancing social connections and successfully navigating the American workplace.

Focus Areas Include:

  • BUSINESS ENGLISH: Employ appropriate diplomatic speech for contributing to meetings and leading teams.
  • ACCENT AND INTONATION: How you say what you say is everything. Learn to add the elements of American English intonation into your spoken English.
  • CONVERSATION STRATEGIES: Master the ability to engage in small talk and sustain deeper conversations to create lasting connections.
  • PRESENTING IN ENGLISH: Effectively convey your message and land key takeaways.
  • WRITING AND CO-EDITING: Ensure professional writing is clear, accurate, and concise.
  • GRAMMAR MECHANICS AND USAGE: Improve understanding and ability to apply standard grammar forms in your communication.

BASE Programs


Designed to boost participants’ communication dexterity in the context of identified, job-related competencies. Overcome barriers to successful cross-cultural communication. Expand and refine expressions and diplomatic phrasing tailored to manage meetings, negotiations and executive level interactions. Moderate interpersonal workplace exchanges, increase visibility and expand your network. Interview practice to land the position you desire included.


Clarify your spoken English and represent your true intentions and attitudes through including the use of stress, rhythm and intonation. Practice native speech patterns and include habits to produce smooth, clear and confident English while also resolving problem speech sounds. Apply delivery techniques for highlighting key ideas and conveying expertise to effectively land your desired message.


Bolster your skill at maintaining and expanding conversation to strengthen professional and social connections. Understand cultural etiquette and norms of conversation that facilitate positive interactions with managers, colleagues, stakeholders and customers. Expand your ability to engage in and sustain small talk. Understand colloquialisms, idiomatic word choices and native phrasing and understand when to use them. Varied course material helps advance vocabulary and deepen complexity.


Designed for non-native speakers, this course develops delivery habits that make team and executive level presentations engaging and memorable. Clearly present ideas and results, decisively express points of view and influence others while improving organization of information and building confidence. Manage audience interactions and interruptions while ensuring targeted takeaways land with effect.


Refine writing skills of composing, revising and polishing workplace related email, presentation content, documents, performance reviews, resumes and applications. Co-editing help for all writing.


Refresh and strengthen understanding and application of standard grammar forms. Individual assessment directs the focus of this course for individuals who wish to improve their command of English grammar conventions.

All programs are customized and can include multiple skill areas to ensure client’s success.

About BASE

Janet Vaewsorn, Certified ESL
Trainer and Communication Specialist

As an experienced, certified ESL teacher, Janet provides expert guidance, offering practical insights in a supportive learning environment. She has been helping international professionals refine and expand the accuracy, scope and influence of their English for over 20-years. Janet offers continuous feedback which allows you to gauge improvement and identify areas for further language development.

Janet has helped CEOs, Project Managers, Senior Software Engineers, System Architects, Network Security Specialists, Startup Directors, A.I.Scientists, Biotech Innovators, Medical Specialists and University Lecturers from:

Client Reviews

I’ve been working with Janet for almost a year and it’s been a great experience working with her. Few reasons I would highly recommend her: 1) She helped me comprehensively with my pronunciation, communication and writing skills. The knowledge I’ve learnt is very practical and hands-on. I’ve made a lot progress during the process and I feel much more confident. 2) She has solid background in linguistics and can point out and correct my pronunciation issues effectively 3) She is easy to work with and is flexible towards scheduling. I had a few times last minute cancellations due to time conflict with work and she was very considerate to reschedule with me. I like to work with her and enjoy all the sessions:)

Xiaoxi W. Mountain View, CA

I highly recommend Janet to anyone who wants to improve on English speaking and writing skills. She has a very systematic way to help non-native speakers to reduce accent and improve on speech delivery. She is also one of the warmest and friendliest people I have met. I could always learn so much during our session. To anyone who is reading this now, just go ahead and schedule a free consultation session with her and you won’t get disappointed!

Wenzhu M. San Carlos, CA

I have been working with Janet on accent and business language training for about a half year. Janet has a systematic approach for pronunciation and is experienced with mandarin-native speakers. She was able to diagnose my pronunciation issues and helped me overcome some of them that had been troubled me for a long time. Her systematic approach provides good principles that I can always refer back to make sure I am still on track. After practicing with Janet, I got feedback from people I worked with that I sounds more confident and nature now! As a non-native speaker pursuing a business career in English environment, taking Janet’s class has been a great investment.

Shuyi C. San Jose, CA

I have worked with Janet for 2 years and extended my training multiple times. My words just can’t express my gratitude to her. She is a highly experienced teacher with tons of knowledge in many areas. She is also compassionate and has a broad understanding of culture differences. We worked on many subjects including English pronunciation, grammar, business communication, and writing. She is always friendly and supportive. Whenever I brought up questions, she always shared her thoughts with me at her best. The open-minded and supportive environment she created helped me tremendously over the past years. More importantly, under her guidance, I developed a strong interest in English literature, an area I had never thought that I would deeply dive into in the past. We went over my essays line by line and sentence by sentence. We discussed the nuances of words in different situations. We polished the structure of my essays together. Her feedback has always provided invaluable insights for me. Oftentimes, I just can’t believe that my English has improved to this level. Nowadays, I often get compliments from other people saying how good my English is.
I highly recommend anyone who is interested in learning English and communication to work with Janet. You can’t go wrong with this.

Jane G. Redwood City, CA

I recommend Janet to any non-native speaker who wants to improve their writing skills and delivery. The sessions are well-structured and customized to the individual. She was able to identify some basic issues with my English delivery and systematically worked on fixing the issues. I was surprised at how much improvement one session a week can make. I’m looking forward to working with her again.

Ilan C. San Jose, CA

I took a four month accent reduction classes with Janet and just recently finished the sessions. I would highly recommend Janet to anyone who are thinking to improve their English pronunciation and delivery. I learnt many expressions and idioms that I was not aware of.

Last but not least, Janet also provided awesome essay editing service. I was in a hurry to write couple essays and booked face-to-face sessions with Janet on very short notice. She was able to walk through my essays sentence by sentence and offered so many valuable feedback. The end result is beyond my highest expectation and I’d love to work with her in future.

Peter Zhe C. Kitchener, Canada

“I highly recommend Janet to English learners of any level. She is an incredibly experienced English teacher who provides well-tailored lessons specifically designed for your needs. Her explanations are logical and easy to understand, making the learning process smooth and enjoyable. Additionally, Janet is an excellent listener. She patiently listens to your questions and concerns, ensuring she understands what you want to ask.
When I started my 10-week course with Janet, she offered me a free session to understand my objectives and identify my areas of weakness. This initial session was crucial for the success of my lessons. Janet tailored my curriculum based on our discussion and clearly explained the content of each subsequent lesson. This approach allowed me to set clear goals before starting the series of lessons and easily track my progress after each session. If I ever felt the need to adjust my priorities, Janet was always open to feedback and accommodating.
If you’re looking to improve your English skills efficiently, I urge you to contact Janet immediately. Her expertise, personalized approach, and dedication to your success make her an outstanding choice for language learning.”

Chikashi Kato, Staff Software Engineer at Course Hero

“I had the pleasure of taking 10 English lessons with Janet, and I must say that my pronunciation and vocabulary significantly improved during this time. However, what made the experience truly enjoyable was the opportunity to engage in conversations on a wide range of topics. Janet created a welcoming environment where I felt comfortable expressing myself and exploring various subjects.”

Abel Mayorga González, Software Engineer

“Janet’s expertise in providing written communication services to non-native working professionals is impeccable. Working with her resulted in a significant improvement in my writing skills. She introduced a structured framework that helped me identify and apply various elements of writing, including organization, transition, flow, tone, stated objectives, and building persuasive arguments.
In addition to enhancing my writing, Janet also assisted me in fine-tuning my pronunciation, adjusting non-native phrasing, and expanding my understanding of appropriate word choices. Collaborating with her as a professional writing coach has been a great experience, and I am excited to continue working with her.
Janet’s ability to address the specific needs of non-native professionals and provide valuable guidance is truly commendable. I highly recommend her services for anyone seeking to enhance their written communication skills.”

Sam Van, Independent Director

“Finding a consultant who is truly dedicated to meeting client needs can be a challenge, but Janet exceeded all expectations. She is undoubtedly the best communication coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Janet brings years of experience as a seasoned business communication coach, having worked with numerous talented executives, engineers, and individuals from various industries seeking to enhance their communication skills in both professional and social settings.
During my time at Cisco, I had the privilege of taking private classes with Janet for approximately four years. Her feedback was always candid, constructive, and specific, providing invaluable guidance on how to communicate more effectively, a skill that is often elusive in the workplace. With her linguistic background and experience studying and living abroad, Janet possesses the knowledge and expertise to effectively coach clients whose first language is not English, helping them improve their communication abilities.
Every class with Janet was a joy. The time and money invested were undoubtedly well spent. Janet is prompt, willing, knowledgeable, and approachable, making the learning experience all the more rewarding. I highly recommend her to anyone preparing for a public speech or seeking to enhance their communication skills. Janet’s expertise and dedication make her an exceptional choice for communication coaching.”

Danjue Li, Innovator and Team Builder

“I wholeheartedly recommend Janet as an excellent communications consultant. Her expertise in this field is unparalleled, and I have personally benefitted greatly from her guidance.”

Deepa Sankar, VP Portfolio Marketing

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