BASE-Business and Social English Communication

All courses are offered as one-on-one or customized small group intensive
sessions designed to boost all participants’ language communication skills.

Training Programs Include:
    Business Communication Skills
    Conversation Strategies/ Listening Skills
    Speech and Accent Reduction
    English Grammar Enhancement
Presentation Skills for International Speakers

Language programs include assessments, consulting and training
in intercultural awareness for meeting performance objectives and
successfully navigating the increasingly diverse American workplace.

Program Descriptions

Business Communication Skills
Customized small group or one-on-one intensive business language program
designed to boost participant’s language communication skills in the context
of identified, job-related competencies. Helps clients overcome barriers to
successful cross-cultural business communication. Prepares clients to
communicate appropriately and effectively in other settings as well.

Conversation Strategies/Listening Skills
Individual or small group program trains clients how to interact effectively and
appropriately through authentic communication. Clients learn to clearly convey
their intentions and attitudes through incorporating native speech habits and
voice patterns. Covers strategies for enhancing listening comprehension and
clarification techniques. The class is custom tailored to address specific needs
and performance objectives of clients.

Speech and Accent Reduction
Learn to use the most important elements affecting clear speech: intonation,
stress and rhythm. Participants learn to highlight key ideas, produce problem
speech sounds, and to smooth out the flow of words so that their speech is
more easily understood.

English Grammar Enhancement
Individual assessment directs the focus of this course for students who wish
to refresh and strengthen their command of English grammar mechanics.
This program covers writing, reading and speaking competencies.

Presentation Skills for International Speakers
Designed for non-native speakers, this course boosts key business speaking
competencies for meetings and presentations. Clients learn to clearly present
ideas and results, express points of view, and persuade others while improving
organization of information, delivery and confidence.   Return to top of page

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